JavaScript Visual Components

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What is Jsvc?

    Jsvc is a free visual component library written in JavaScript. It use Jml (a markup language like XML) to custom HTML. It support multi-language, and it's very friendly to report errors.

Why starts this project?

    On that day, I found a OOP language called "Ruby". It use ROR for web application development. I downloaded one for test, but I found it was too slow (For running a simple BBS system, it spend a minute to display the homepage). So I wanted to start a new project. I found JavaScript is very useful. And I think so many JavaScript developers want to develop web application quickly. So I started this project.

How do I get the last release?

    Click here to visit SourceForge release files page.

How can I find the documentation?

    We provide the free documentation for you. But there are only Chinese documentations now.English version will be available soon.

How can I join this project?

    We need some translators and developers. If you want to join us, please email or post in our BBS.